Saturday, March 19, 2011

Any Copic hand-colored charts out there for sale?

Hey everyone! I'm pulling my hair out trying to pick Copic markers again, and I thought it would be wonderful if someone hand colored a chart with the actual (Sketch) markers and sold it. But I can't find anything like that out there. Do any of you know of such a thing? Or could I get someone with all the colors to color me a chart? I'd be willing to pay you for your time. It would be a lot cheaper than buying markers I'm not happy with!

Anyone? Anyone?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How I spent some of my birthday money

I love organizational tools. Enough, in fact, to spend precious birthday money on them.

I had been drooling over the Color Cubbies that I've seen around the stamping blogosphere and knew that someday I would have some of my own.

At first I was only going to buy 2 as I don't have a very big Copic collection yet and I thought I could use them for my SU and CTMH markers, as well. But the shipping was pretty high on 2. So I put one more in the cart just to see if it would change by much. Well, 3 was barely more in shipping than 2! So I figured I'd just bite the bullet and get 3 now even though it meant I'd have less to spend on other things.

I LOVE them!

They're really well made and packaged. Good and sturdy. And I don't think they're too expensive. It is so easy to see all of my markers at a glance now, and it's so easy to remove and replace them.

Now I just need to decide which Copics to buy so I can start filling 'em up!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday money to spend

Oh, you guys, I have very generous parents and a mother-in-law and now I have some cash to spend on myself! I'm thinking that more Copics is a must because I use them pretty much every time I stamp now and my collection has some bare spots to fill in.

But otherwise, is there anything new coming out that is a must-have in your mind? I've not been keeping up with the trends since I've been avoiding spending money until my past stamping debt heals. And no, birthday money will not go toward my debt. It is off limits! ;)