Monday, September 30, 2013

A little stamping done!

After a long break from doing anything stamping-related I recently made some cards for family and a friend. I've not been following the stamping trends or buying anything new, so I'm clueless as to what is currently popular. Just trying to be content using what I already have. It's been very enjoyable and I hope the urge lasts.

This one was for a good friend of mine. I took a white pompom and colored it with a yellow Copic marker for the hat top. I used black string to give the balloons a little dimension, and also popped out the left balloon with a dimensional dot. I did a nifty stitch on the ribbon that makes me think of a heartbeat and zigzags just to jazz the edges up a bit. Let me just say, corners are so hard to stitch!

I could not get the colors in the upper and lower pics to match, so please forgive the differences. You can see the pompom, string and the balloon more closely below (and every stray bit and boo-boo that I never catch until after I look at the pics!)

I made this one for my hubs last year for his birthday, but never posted it. Probably should've avoided the overuse of the Mesh texture. Oh, well. I had fun doing the crazy sewing stitches all over the place!

Squiggle squiggle! Love it!

And this one I made him this year. More guy-ish for sure, and he loves classic cars. I made mine to look kind of like a rainbow trout. I don't know why! I just did!

Still love using LOTS of texture on my cards. All coloring was done using Copics.

I went wild with my sewing machine on all of these cards, trying different stitches. Turning corners was tricky, so I had to kind of ad lib because of what I ended up with. I threw in the gems in a funky way to play along with the jumpy stitches. It sort of works, I think.

So that's all the stamping I've done so far, but I have another birthday I need a card for, so there's more stamping in the near future.

Not sure if anyone still comes here anymore, but if you do, thanks for stopping by!