Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thought I was narrowing it down anyway!

I wish you could see all the Copic charts and the Copic favorites lists of various stampers I found online spread out in front of me. I am overwhelmed! The variation in appearance of each color online is mind-numbing! Has anyone made a chart using actual ink from all 334 of the actual markers? I think it would really help to have one, don't you?

I do think I'd like to aim for the lighter color families right off the bat. I love the way Michelle Boyer colors the Pure Innocence stamps here (scroll to see them - she has quite a few if you want to hit older posts, too). The colors she uses are where I think I'd like to start. Donna Mikasa does the same thing (Sorry, Donna! I know I'm talking about you too much lately, but I can't help it!). And Debbie Olsen does also. It's that soft, clean, simple look they do that I want to achieve.

I had thought about doing the Stampin' Up! match-up thingy, but there are many of the SU colors I rarely use, like Orchid Opulence and Garden Green. I wouldn't want to buy anything I think I might not get much use out of - especially as expensive as these markers are.

I really appreciate it when an artist shows which Copics she used for a project. It greatly helps me to get a feel for what each color actually looks like on paper, and the pic of the markers is easier to study and associate with the colors than a bunch of words. So thanks to those who post your markers! You will be helping me pick which colors I want!

But I'm done for tonight! Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!


donna mikasa said...

Hi Kim! Happy to enable you any time! Good luck with your Copics selection. It really depends on what you'll be coloring (lots of skin tones, flowers, clothing) and don't forget to get the matching refills while you're at it....

Sandee Shanabrough said...

Hey again Kim! Here are the colors I think I use the most:
C1 to outline around your image after coloring
C7 for darker things like tires instead of black
E33 I mix several browns for tree branches and hair
EOO or some other pale colors for skin colors

Just figure out the things you stamp the most and get basic colors that you will need for those images and then as you have more money add to your collection to fill in. I've only ordered them once online. Most of my collection has been purchased from Hobby Lobby with coupons but they are limited in their selection. Then when the stamp shows come through I have money saved to buy from them. Archivers is starting to sell them.
Definitely get a blender pen so you can lift off color if it's too much. And keep an ongoing list of what you have!!! It's easy to duplicate!

Anyway, don't know if this helps at all but maybe you can use a little of the info.

Dana said...

I just wanted to let you know how I keep an inventory of my Copic markers. I printed out the Copic chart with the name and number of each marker on it onto white cardstock. Then I 'colored' a square under the name with each of the markers that I have. I refer to this whenever I am working on cards or such and also when shopping for more markers.

Kim said...

Thanks for posting your color list, Sandee. Those are all colors I want to get eventually. I have the C1, so I won't have to buy it, thankfully.

Dana, I plan to do just what you've done. It's a great idea and I've used it for my SU, CTMH, and even my Twinkling H2Os. It helps immensely to see what the color looks like when dried. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It might help a newbie who hasn't heard of it before. We all start out as newbies. But with the helpful sharing of ideas we all become experts in no time!