Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I Made a Stamp Positioner for Less Than $12

When I got back into stamping, I saw that several stamp positioners had come out on the market while I was away, and that the most popular one was $60! I'm sorry, but that product is way over-priced! So I looked around on YouTube to see if anyone had found a way to make one and found numerous videos with lots of ideas. Ha! Apparently, others also thought it was too expensive!

The one I liked the most because of its simplicity was this one:

I set out to buy the parts she mentioned as inexpensively as possible.

I found a clear jewel dvd case on eBay for $1.75 plus $3.49 shipping. He charges a little more now, but still pretty cheap for a single case.

I took out the middle section (the part that the dvd sits on) very carefully. I also trimmed the latch so it wouldn't catch. It was easy to do.

I bought a large single sheet of fun foam (probably about 12" x 18") at Michael's for $.99 (lots of colors to choose from - I went with lime green) and cut two pieces to sandwich together. I glued them together and placed them in the case.

I also bought a Little B Perfect Positioner and cut it to fit the inside of the box. I did not put it on the paper the way the YouTuber did. I just stuck it right onto the fun foam. For added strength I coated the back of the Little B with Tack It Over & Over which is a repositionable glue. I don't know if that's necessary. That was just my choice. The top surface is just sticky enough to hold paper in place, so you don't need to get a magnetic sheet and magnets like some positioners have.

I've used it tons of times already and it works great!

Not bad for $12. My thanks to the person who created this. You saved me nearly $50!

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